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Our clients have realized 200% to 1000%+ ROI on website-driven sales.

We became a Search Engine Optimization Internet marketing company soon after we decided that we could do a better job than our expensive, inept SEO consultant. We got our own website to top-ranked on Google through SEO Internet marketing and since then we’ve done it for many others.

Our Internet marketing company has been featured in such prominent publications as Profit Magazine, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and Financial Post. Request Scott Wilson as an SEO Speaker or Jim Harris as a Business Speaker!

RankHigher.ca offers full service hotel SEO solutions- From organic and PPC campaign development, to reputation management and full video tours, we will grow your online market share.

Scott Wilson RankHigher.ca’s founder and CEO is one of North America’s leading Search Engine Optimization experts.

Our Digital Marketing Processs

Our 3 step digital marketing process will help your business establish a clear road map for long-term online growth in a changing digital landscape.

1. Digital Marketing Audit: The foundation for any internet marketing strategy is understanding where you are now. Our digital audit will benchmark your current online performance based on Google’s best practices. (FREE)

2. Digital Marketing Analysis: Our analysis helps further your understanding of the online opportunities relevant to your business. We take the time to understand and identify the relevant internet marketing opportunities for your specific industry, in your specific market.

3. Digital Marketing Strategy: Using the actionable insights and opportunities identified in your digital marketing analysis, we collectively prioritize your internet marketing strategy. In this way, your online campaigns will clearly align with your business goals.

Digital Marketing Audit

Our FREE digital marketing audit is the first step in understanding your online presence. Our Google Partnership gives our agency proprietary access to a series of tools to evaluate your website’s compliance with Google’s best practices and terms of service.

Website performance indicators:
Mobile Friendliness
Website Speed
Telephone Optimization
Online Reputation
Website Optimization

Digital Marketing Analysis

The goal of our internet marketing analysis is to identify available opportunities for your business online. Three main opportunities are explored;

Lift: Grow your market share.
Shift: Shift market share from competitors or competing products.
Retention: Retain existing brand market share.

Within each of these opportunities, we will identify the Strategic language, Competitive landscape, Search trends and opportunities for organic and paid search.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Finally, we will use the insights revealed in your digital marketing analysis to collectively outline and execute your internet marketing strategy to Lift, Shift and Retain customers online.

Our team of accredited internet marketing specialists will execute your strategy in collaboration with our website technicians to get the most ROI from your campaigns.

Contact us to find out how our custom approach will help you realize your online goals.